The benefits of kefir. How useful it is and whether it helps to lose weight?


Why it is useful?

Kefir – a highly nourishing product, it contains good digestible milk protein. In addition, it is rich in a variety of essential amino acids.  Kefir has elements that are necessary for growth, development of all life processes such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D.
Kefir – a product capable of controlling the micro flora of our intestines, in its bacteriological composition very close to it. Compared with milk kefir is much easier to digest. Useful microorganisms presented in the kefir interfere with reproduction of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. In our intestines there are processes of decay and decomposition products – kefir here is simply irreplaceable.


How to  take it?

Kefir, as well as any therapeutic products should not be used either in cold or hot, the drink must be at room temperature. If the person can not  tolerate the acidic medium in 200 ml of kefir he  can add 10 grams sugar (exclusively before use) and mixed thoroughly.

Kefir, like everything else, requires a reasonable proportion of use. Nice to drink a glass of drink before going to bed: this will ensure the proper functioning of the stomach until the morning, and the next day before breakfast you will have a good appetite. Many people who are overweight do not want to have breakfast, but then gradually “waking up”, included in the “food rage” and can not stop throughout the day.

I love to use This product  for my smoothies, pancakes and much more. Just use your imagination :)