Benefits of Coffee Scrub

Each era brings to the life of mankind not only different trends of scientific and technological progress, but also a variety of requirements to the canons of beauty. So, just a couple of centuries ago, the ideal of beauty  were considered full luscious women, so-called “coffee with milk”, but today women are expected to have slim trim figure, without a hint of body fat.

Today I want to share with you One of My favourite recipes of Coffee Scrub For Cellulite.


Important role in the implementation of this requirement  plays the fight against cellulite, so-called “orange peel”, so the fair half has to carefully take care of problem areas: thighs, buttocks, abdomen.

The main tool in the fight against the “orange peel” considered various scrubs, which not only remove  the top layer of the epidermis, but also increase the blood flow to the cellulite places, which in turn contribute  to the rapid breakdown of fat and the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. Among the many recipes for the easiest and most popular is the coffee scrub of cellulite, which is quite easily can  be made at home.

Amazing properties of coffee to eliminate cellulite

Today, a product such as coffee is the subject of various discussions in the scientific community, because its exact effect on the body is still not fully understood. Someone said about the dangers of the drink on the cardiovascular and nervous system, and others , on the contrary, claim about the benefits of coffee, including in cosmetology. Numerous studies have shown that organic coffee is good for the splitting of fat, so almost all the major manufacturers of cosmetics have expanded the range of tools for body care products containing coffee.

After all, good coffee “pulls” toxins, contains many trace elements such as iron, sulfur, calcium, and it is considered an excellent antioxidant. No wonder that this component has been actively used in the fight against cellulite, including as part of home recipes. The paradox is that coffee helps to get rid of “orange peel” only when used externally.

Main rules for the  preparation of coffee scrubs

For the most beautiful women who are just beginning to master folk recipes, will be very useful to learn how to make coffee cellulite scrub at home. It’s pretty simple.

The main thing  is to follow certain rules. In the scrub should be used only organic coffee. Option of instant coffee is not allowed, since any anti-cellulite coffee body scrub is based on the grounds. Effective and safe for the delicate skin of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen is considered natural finely ground coffee. Before you start cooking, make sure that no one component you do not have allergies. This is especially true of anti-cellulite scrub with coffee and honey. Do not use low-quality components that have passed the expiration date or are improperly stored.

How to Apply and Use Coffee scrub for Cellulite


6 tablespoons of plain yogurt
2 tablespoons of coffee grounds
Option: Lemon oil (not for the face)

You can Get Lemon Oil here:

             10ml Lemon Pure Essential Oil

             100ml Lemon Pure Essential Oil

Applying as scrubs on the basis of coffee grounds and scrubs on the basis of coffee, you should follow some rules:

– for  the best results  coffee scrub has to be applied at least 2 – 3 times a week;
–  if you use a scrub as a remedy for cellulite, then it must be applied to the skin after a steaming hot shower or bath; Massage for 10 minutes and rinse.

–  clean the body lightly, without using physical force.
–  legs are cleared from the bottom up, hands – from the wrist to the shoulder, abdomen – in a circular motion.