Apricot kernel oil: structure, properties and applications.

Apricot kernel oil, or otherwise apricot  oil is obtained by cold pressing of apricot pits. In some cases, the production of oil can be mixed with plum seeds.

The structure of apricot kernel oil


Apricot kernel oil is classified as basic (fatty) oils. It has a light yellow transparent color and has a bland flavor.  It has the consistency of the liquid oil and a little sticky. The composition of apricot kernel oil is similar to the peach and almond oils, as part of the baseline.
Such oils are often used undiluted or used as a basis for various oil mixtures. In apricot kernel oil contains a lot of vitamins, minerals (potassium, magnesium), mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, linoleic, linolenic, etc.). In particular vitamin A, which promotes natural skin moisturizing and maintains its elasticity, vitamin C, which provides elasticity of the skin and vitamin F, normalizes the sebaceous glands and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

Apricot kernel oil: properties, application, treatment

Apricot kernel oil has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and toning effect. It is suitable for all skin types, including delicate skin of babies and the skin exposed to age-related changes.

It can help you get rid of prickly heat, diaper rash and seborrheic dermatitis in infants, accelerate the healing of wounds and abrasions, get rid of cellulite, soften the hardened skin and smooth out wrinkles. Apricot kernel oil is a good moisturizer and gives the skin a smooth, beautiful, and most importantly healthy color. It has good effects on problem skin, eliminating inflammation and dry, well-softening it.

apricotkerneloiluses anApricot kernel oil in cosmetics
hair, nails and skin

As mentioned above, apricot kernel oil – is the best escape for skin lacking vitamins, suffer from lack of proper nutrition and hydration. The spectrum of its application to improve skin is quite wide.

According to the results of the research, apricot kernel oil:
• softens and moisturizes the skin;
• prevents dryness and flaking;
• accelerates exfoliation of dead cells of the epidermis;
• tones the skin;
• produces anti-aging effect;
• evens the complexion;
• relieves skin inflammation, etc.
In addition,  apricot kernel oil ingredients stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which form the basis of the connective tissue of the human body.
They can be applied on face before going to bed. Apply a small amount on the eyelids, as well as point-on problem areas (scaling, inflammation, hardened seats). In  a heated state apricot kernel oil is effective as a cleansing lotion to remove makeup and cleanse the skin daily.
Apricot kernel oil – it is also a rescue  for owners of  a sensitive skin that reacts negatively to various cosmetic products, as it calms her and actually performs the same functions as the usual cream.
As for the hair and nails, the apricot kernel oil has a positive effect on their growth and structure, improving them in a short time. In this regard, manufacturers of cosmetics it is often added to shampoos, conditioners, liquid soaps, and other preparations.


Wheat germ oil: Magical Effects on the skin


It is hard to overestimate the impact of miraculous wheat germ oil for the face: thanks to the unusual chemical composition, it has incredible antioxidant, toning and general strengthening properties, prevents aging of skin cells, restores them and stimulates most of the metabolic processes occurring in the skin cells.

Each of the components of this miraculous oil has certain properties, and has on the skin special effects. In the combined action the result exceeds all expectations.


Amino acids

• Amino acids (tryptophan, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, valine) stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in cells, so that wheat germ oil makes the skin in a short time more firm and smooth, essentially free from wrinkles.

Fatty acid
• fatty acids (both saturated and unsaturated) improve overall skin condition: restore damaged tissue, strengthen the cell membrane, thereby further protecting them from unwanted effects.

• Allantoin has a therapeutic effect, eliminating the inflammatory lesions on the skin.

Squalene and octacosanol  – a natural antioxidants that help rejuvenate, have antifungal and antibacterial properties.

• Tocopherol (vitamin E) in this oil is in a sufficiently large amounts that exceed the vitamin youth in any other vegetable oil: it has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties;
• under the influence of vitamin A skin is transformed: the color is improved, the pores close, dark spots disappear;
• Vitamin D improves metabolic processes in cells; if you use regular wheat germ oil, the properties of vitamin D will help slow the aging of the skin;
• thiamine (vitamin B1) protects the skin from ultraviolet excess;
• without riboflavin (vitamin B2) and yellow skin loses its natural color, becomes flabby and yellowish;
• nicotinic acid (vitamin B3) normalizes the redox reactions in the skin, whereby it receives a sufficient amount of oxygen;
• pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – the savior of the skin from the deepest wrinkles are smoothed out under its influence;
• pyridoxine (vitamin B6) has pronounced therapeutic properties quickly and easily gets rid of skin diseases;
• Folic acid (vitamin B9) makes wheat germ oil wonderful cosmetic remedy for oily skin.

• Potassium outputs from the skin cells of harmful substances, cleanses pores, regulates moisture level of the epidermis;
• calcium removes dead skin cells and is an excellent natural remedy for peeling skin;
• phosphorus is used for the treatment of inflammatory skin formations;
• soothes irritated manganese and tired skin, has antibacterial properties;
• iron saturates the cells with oxygen;
• Zinc improves skin cells the process of circulation;
• Selenium reduces skin pigmentation, this miraculous element has not only cleans, but also antioxidant properties;
• Copper removes skin puffiness and fatigue, refreshes the skin;
• sulfur-free skin will become flabby and saggy.

Applying oil every day, in a week will see the first results: inflammation begin to fade, smooth wrinkles, facial contours will become more clear and correct, improve complexion. Therefore, wheat germ oil has the reviews mostly only the most positive. Depending on those magical properties possessed by the oil, it has a number of indications for use.

Wheat germ oil: indications and contraindications

Unique oil has long been used as medicinal purposes by dermatologists to treat various skin diseases and in cosmetology: cosmetic wheat germ oil perfectly solves the problem of concern and care for normal skin.

Medical indications
• psoriasis;
• eczema;
• acne;
• dermatoses of different origin


• fading, loose skin: premature aging of the skin, the first age-related changes, the appearance of wrinkles;
• tired, dusty, tarnished skin requiring intensive care and attention;
• unique wheat germ oil used in cosmetics as a means antipigmentnoe;
• problem skin around the eyes: swelling, bruising and puffiness;
• any type of skin, that needs daily nutritional care.

The big advantage of oil is that it can be used safely on a daily basis: it does not cause allergies and is not harmful to your skin. Despite the fact that there are no contraindications, still not be amiss before applying the oil to consult a doctor, beautician and test the oil on the wrist of his hand: If within half an hour after applying the reaction is the oil can take its rightful place in your medicine cabinet, and in your cosmetic bag.

Wheat germ oil: application forms

Since the use of wheat germ oil is the most widespread, it is used in its various forms:
• as a component of a massage oil for the face;
• all kinds of nutritious face masks, home-cooked;
• application of the oil on problem areas;
• internally as supplements, which improves the general condition of the body – including the skin.
Unique in its properties, wheat germ oil gives the skin fresh, healthy color and beauty. With proper and regular use of this extraordinary cosmetic product skin will begin to blossom from day to day, causing a sincere admiration for the people around them.



The benefits of kefir. How useful it is and whether it helps to lose weight?


Why it is useful?

Kefir – a highly nourishing product, it contains good digestible milk protein. In addition, it is rich in a variety of essential amino acids.  Kefir has elements that are necessary for growth, development of all life processes such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D.
Kefir – a product capable of controlling the micro flora of our intestines, in its bacteriological composition very close to it. Compared with milk kefir is much easier to digest. Useful microorganisms presented in the kefir interfere with reproduction of pathogenic and spoilage bacteria. In our intestines there are processes of decay and decomposition products – kefir here is simply irreplaceable.

How to  take it?

Kefir, as well as any therapeutic products should not be used either in cold or hot, the drink must be at room temperature. If the person can not  tolerate the acidic medium in 200 ml of kefir he  can add 10 grams sugar (exclusively before use) and mixed thoroughly.

Kefir, like everything else, requires a reasonable proportion of use. Nice to drink a glass of drink before going to bed: this will ensure the proper functioning of the stomach until the morning, and the next day before breakfast you will have a good appetite. Many people who are overweight do not want to have breakfast, but then gradually “waking up”, included in the “food rage” and can not stop throughout the day.

I love to use This product  for my smoothies, pancakes and much more. Just use your imagination :)

Coffee Scrub For Cellulite

Each era brings to the life of mankind not only different trends of scientific and technological progress, but also a variety of requirements to the canons of beauty. So, just a couple of centuries ago, the ideal of beauty  were considered full luscious women, so-called “coffee with milk”, but today women are expected to have slim trim figure, without a hint of body fat.
Important role in the implementation of this requirement  plays the fight against cellulite, so-called “orange peel”, so the fair half has to carefully take care of problem areas: thighs, buttocks, abdomen.

The main tool in the fight against the “orange peel” considered various scrubs, which not only remove  the top layer of the epidermis, but also increase the blood flow to the cellulite places, which in turn contribute  to the rapid breakdown of fat and the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body. Among the many recipes for the easiest and most popular is the coffee scrub of cellulite, which is quite easily can  be made at home.

Amazing properties of coffee to eliminate cellulite

Today, a product such as coffee is the subject of various discussions in the scientific community, because its exact effect on the body is still not fully understood. Someone said about the dangers of the drink on the cardiovascular and nervous system, and others , on the contrary, claim about the benefits of coffee, including in cosmetology. Numerous studies have shown that organic coffee is good for the splitting of fat, so almost all the major manufacturers of cosmetics have expanded the range of tools for body care products containing coffee.

After all, good coffee “pulls” toxins, contains many trace elements such as iron, sulfur, calcium, and it is considered an excellent antioxidant. No wonder that this component has been actively used in the fight against cellulite, including as part of home recipes. The paradox is that coffee helps to get rid of “orange peel” only when used externally.

Main rules for the  preparation of coffee scrubs

For the most beautiful women who are just beginning to master folk recipes, will be very useful to learn how to make coffee cellulite scrub at home. It’s pretty simple.

The main thing  is to follow certain rules. In the scrub should be used only organic coffee. Option of instant coffee is not allowed, since any anti-cellulite coffee body scrub is based on the grounds. Effective and safe for the delicate skin of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen is considered natural finely ground coffee. Before you start cooking, make sure that no one component you do not have allergies. This is especially true of anti-cellulite scrub with coffee and honey. Do not use low-quality components that have passed the expiration date or are improperly stored.

How to Apply and Use Coffee scrub for Cellulite

Applying as scrubs on the basis of coffee grounds and scrubs on the basis of coffee, you should follow some rules:

- for  the best results  coffee scrub has to be applied at least 2 – 3 times a week;
-  if you use a scrub as a remedy for cellulite, then it must be applied to the skin after a steaming hot shower or bath; Massage for 10 minutes and rinse.

-  clean the body lightly, without using physical force.
-  legs are cleared from the bottom up, hands – from the wrist to the shoulder, abdomen – in a circular motion.



Amazing Facts about coffee weight loss – Green Coffee Bean Diet

When we say green coffee weight loss, we mean an excellent quality and natural coffee bean extract can reverse an impaired biological function to help you lose weight. The human body would love to get rid of a pile of fat that makes it sick and motionless. You don’t have to put aside a part of your earnings to get a liposuction treatment done. Extensive fat burning formula of Green Coffee Bean Max can stop the fat build up on the most vulnerable parts of your body.  Here are some amazing facts about coffee weight loss.

Coffee For Weight Loss

How come the harmful component – caffeine – is considered so good for fat loss? It’s certainly not what you’re thinking. We’re talking about green bean coffee weight loss. A substance present in the purest form of coffee bean can manage the hormonal imbalance of your body, control glucose release in the blood stream and help the body get energy from the fat stored in the cells instead. It’s like you’re using a pure coffee bean to influence the body to work in an optimum manner so that it can drop the extra weight easily.

To get rid of the extra body weight, it’s important that you keep a track of the most essential hormone insulin. Insulin resistance is one of the most obvious reasons for weight gain. Plus, you should also be familiar with your body’s metabolic rate. Have you ever seen the show about Dr. Oz Green Coffee Bean diet? The natural component of the dietary supplement is good at resisting chemical imbalance and rejuvenating metabolism. We’ve tried to explain how the supplement works in the section below.

dr oz green coffee bean max dietDr Oz Green Coffee Bean Reviews

This is a great product with excellent health benefits. First of all, the biggest reason to try this product is its ability to boost metabolism. Green Coffee Bean Max is capable of improving body’s fat burning process. Apart from that, it will also help in reducing the amount of glucose present in the blood. This is how it will reduce your body’s tendency to store fat in the cells.

You’ll not feel hungry or the intense sugar craving like you usually do. The supplement works like an appetite suppressant. This means you’ll be able to stay away from cake, pizzas and sweet food without much struggle. And gradually over time, your body will be able to stay on track and become accustomed of the change.

We believe people find this supplement good because it’s safe for use and has been made of superior quality ingredients. Chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient of the supplement, can alter body’s hormone level, improve the health of the body cells and create a perfect environment for weight loss.

The antioxidant property of chlorogenic acid can do a lot more things than fat loss. It can make you look younger for longer and reduce the chances of cancer. As we all know, antioxidants are excellent weapons to reduce the dangerous impact of free radicals and toxins. So yes, prepare for coffee weight loss with a safe and effective product like Green Coffee Bean Max.

green coffee max1Why Green Coffee Max?

It’s because the product has already been able to acquire a worldwide recognition. It seems best to rely on a product that already has established market reputation, rather than just blindly trying a newly launched fat burner promising a whole lot of things.

      (a) It’s The Best Option from the Product Safety and Security Point of View

 There are many green coffee extracts currently in the market. It’s really hard to separate the one that can effectively manage the weight loss challenge. There can also be the risk of side effects if a manufacturer doesn’t reveal all information pertaining to product safety or security. If the chemical design of the product doesn’t go well with a human body’s working mechanism, it can have some unwanted health consequences you never thought before. From that perspective, Green Coffee Bean Max is the safest and proven to be an effective supplement.

       (b) It’s Made of Natural Ingredients

The supplement is harmless because the ingredients used in it have not been found to cause any bad effect on the consumers. What makes the product much better than others is the pure concentration of chlorogenic acid. As we told you earlier, it’s hard to find a good green coffee extract with a pure and adequate concentration of the chlorogenic acid.

 Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Diet

The modern society is suffering the repercussions of civilization advancements. While it’s great that we’ve been able to conquer many diseases earlier thought to be the threats to the humankind, many of us have misused the luxury and put our health at stake knowingly or unknowingly.

The concept of coffee weight loss was first introduced in the Dr. Oz show. It is very fascinating to know that a weight loss process doesn’t have to be harsh or expensive always. Most overweight people suffer from a poor digestion system, eating pattern abnormality or metabolic disorder.

Experts say until the body of an overweight person gets habitual of the transformation, he/she will find very hard keeping up with the excessive hunger. Ideally, people should try to bring everything in control with the help of good lifestyle and a natural supplement at first. As long as you stay away from unhealthy food, it won’t be a problem for you to drop a couple of dress sizes with the help of Green Coffee Bean Max.

 Like very few other successful dietary supplements in the market, Green Coffee Bean Max also had to go through a challenging phase in the beginning, when consumers didn’t really have any faith in it. However, when people got familiar with the product gradually over time, the results of product effectiveness started to become public and the supplement became one of the top tier fat burners.

 Although it seems a bit dull to hear, but it’s true that no fat burner would work without the extra bit of effort you put additionally. What we mean is that you can never expect to get a healthy body without some of the major compromises. You’ve to focus on a healthy diet habit and occasional exercise alongside taking a supplement containing green coffee bean extract.



Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews – Lose it with Jillian!

body revolution

Losing weight is important in life and to the entire body fitness. Many people have tried several weight loss programs to help burn that extra fat since time immemorial. It is indeed a problem that many citizens are no longer afraid to battle with today. Purely, many have set out on running over 10 miles a day to help lose weight fast. All these practises help in losing weight in the end-run.

As much as many ponder how to lose weight and leading a healthy lifestyle, Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Reviews is effectively providing a matchless solution of reducing weight.

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10 Tips on Losing weight fast – The truth about weight loss

Summer is on the way. Everyone is starting to plan vacations. And it will be excruciatingly painful to look at how those extra cakes and french fries “falling out” of the swimsuit, so everyone quickly and strongly decided to lose weight.

There is a lot of information in the magazines, books and all over the web about weight loss tips. Some of them useful and some are not.  If you are overweight, and you are happy the way you are you do not have to read this article because it will make no sense.

But still, in this article I will tell you few little tricks that can always be useful.

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Green Coffee Bean Max Dosage : How to take Coffee Green Max?

green coffee bean max

The Green Coffee Bean Max is actually a weight loss supplement whose main ingredient is Green Coffee Bean. It is popularly known for its fat burning properties. Most of the celebrities use this supplement and that is why you find them being able to maintain their sexy bodies.

 Therefore, it is an effective and efficient product for losing weight fast. If you are still doubtful about the effectiveness of this supplement when it comes to losing weight, that is the main reason why people want to know how correctly to take green coffee bean max and what is green coffee bean max  dosage. Continue reading

Natural way to lose weight – Is Green Coffee Bean Max Safe?

green coffee bean maxFinding the best dieting pill that truly works can be quite a difficult task. Due to the increased demand for weight loss products, companies have flooded the market with a wide variety of weight loss products all with persuasive messages to potential customers that they will effectively address their weight loss issues.

But, have these product been proven? Well, whether they have been proven or not, there is a revolutionary weight loss product whose effects have been proven by everyone struggling with losing weight: The Green Coffee Bean Max. If you have not heard about it, you must be the only one.  Continue reading

All the Truth About Green Coffee Bean Max Chlorogenic acid

green coffee bean max


What would be the real health value of green coffee beans without the staggering fat burning ability of chlorogenic acid available in it? The official announcement of a clinical study showing the weight loss ability of unroasted coffee bean took the whole nation by storm a few years back. And now, the whole country is talking about a supplement that has the same mesmerizing benefits. Let’s check out what makes this product so unbeatable, and find out all the truth about green coffee bean max chlorogenic acid. Continue reading